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PRMS Class of 2020 Graduation and Awards Ceremony Video

The Pentucket Regional Middle School Class of 2020 is finally graduating 8th Grade and this video is the graduation and awards ceremony. This video contains all of the eighth grade teachers giving awards to students who deserved them.

Chaney Goldstein: Video Highlights (March 2016 – March 2020)

It’s been over four years since I’ve made my first video and only one year since I’ve shared a video with the world. Today, I’ve compiled all of the videos that I have contributed to in any form and dumped them here to show to people who want to see the things that I can do. I hope you enjoy!

PRMS Welcome and Introduction Video

Elementary students in the Pentucket Regional School District have been at their schools for a long time, so this video is intended to make the transition to the middle school a little easier. You can get to see the choices that you have for classes, see what activities you can be apart of, and get to know a little bit of where things are.

PRMS Dice the Dog Introduction Video

Dice Shedd is a service dog that used to be working for a student at Pentucket Regional High School, but since her services are no longer needed there, she is coming to the middle school! This video gives you all of the basic information that you need to know to make sure that Dice is working and not distracted.

PRMS Chromebook Case Informational Video

As part of kicking-off this year’s 1:1 Chromebook program, the Pentucket Regional Middle School decided to invest in Chromebook Cases for select Chromebook cards. In this video, I explain what that means for students and some pointers that they’ll need to think about if they are assigned a school-issued Chromebook with a case.

PRMS Code Of Conduct Informational Video

The PRMS School year is beginning soon and students are going to need to know what rules to follow. This video explains about the new “Code of Conduct” and why it is important to the school and your safety. During the video, Chaney Goldstein, along with his friends, give you some helpful tips to begin the school year on a positive note.

PRMS How To Open A Lock Instructional Video

PRMS How To Open A Lock Instructional Video

Opening padlocks and lockers may seem difficult at first, so this video aims to help beginners at opening their school lockers and padlocks.