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Pentucket Cafe Jazz Spring 2023

Jazz Combo
Big Band

Cafe Jazz – a musical journey that defies convention and conjures a realm of musical magic like no other. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of unparalleled coolness with the performances at this spring’s Café Jazz. When the clock struck 7 pm, a captivating transformation unfolded in the heart of the school – the main dining commons. What once was a run-of-the-mill cafeteria had metamorphosed into a realm of captivating aesthetics, illuminated by diverse lighting and infused with a symphony of vibrant hues. The convergence of style and sophistication was accompanied by the soulful melodies of jazz, which created an ambiance that ignites the senses.

Poster Design: Julia Spalding (

Filmed by PRHS Tech Crew, Edited by Chaney Goldstein.

These videos were published on August 17, 2023 on the Pentucket Music YouTube channel. (

View the videos on YouTube here: Jazz Combo ( & Big Band (

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