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The Road to Today


Chaney Goldstein Using Windows XP (2011)

An Early Fascination

From an early age, I understood how to navigate computer systems


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Public Speaking Debut

In Kindergarten, I was chosen to be the narrator and speak in front of the whole school on our Superintendent’s newly implemented Habits of Learning.


Chaney Goldstein Plays Piano in Boston, MA (2013)

A Musician in the Making

In October, I played four out of the 75 pianos as part of the “Celebrity Series Street Pianos” installed all around Boston.


Chaney Goldstein Plays Michael Banks in Pentucket Players' Production of Mary Poppins (2015)

Acting Debut

My very first community theater production, I was cast as one of the leads (Michael Banks from Mary Poppins) and worked with mainly an adult cast and performed shows in a large theater in front of audiences of nearly a thousand people.


Chaney Goldstein is the Lead News Anchor at Dr. John C. Page School (2018)

Founded Elementary School News Team

In 5th Grade, I was given the opportunity to create the school news team. I created and provided morning announcements every day to the student body.


Chaney Goldstein hosts the PRMS Code of Conduct Info Video (2019)

Video Producer for Middle School

Throughout my two years in middle school, I was called upon to create numerous videos to show the student body.


Chaney Goldstein as Kristoff from PRMS Frozen Jr. (2019)

Continuing to Act Out

One of my most recent roles is Kristoff in Pentucket Regional Middle School’s 2019 production of Frozen Jr, performing in front of an audience of hundreds of people.


Chaney Goldstein Plays with the PRHS Jazz Combo (2021)

Moving Up the Musical Ladder

As a sophomore, I auditioned for and was selected for the elite jazz combo group at my high school. We performed twice a year for the school and competed throughout the year outside of school.


Chaney Goldstein Playing Saxophone at Pentucket Cafe Jazz (2023)

Now A Seasoned Musician

Now as a senior, I am the lead musician in the elite jazz combo. I auditioned and earned seats for the top high school jazz ensembles in Massachusetts, and received awards for distinguished performances at a music conference run by Walt Disney World.