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Highly Acclaimed Videos for 7+ Years

My Story

Fascinated by cameras since a young age, I began my videography at the age of 11. Starting by recording short videos to keep people at my school informed with what was happening around them, all the way to producing high-quality concert recordings of professional musicians.

My Advanced Projects
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Cafe Jazz Thumb scaled 1
Cafe Jazz Spring 2023 - Combo Set

Café Jazz

This live musical event transforms a school's cafeteria into a captivating realm of musical magic, style, and sophistication.
Pawn Stars Square Pentucket
The Pentucket Pawn Stars - Color Day 2022

Color day

The PRHS Class of 2024 compete once a year against other classes in creating a high-quality parody Movie/TV Show.
PXL 20230603 141432786 1 e1695168439468
PRHS Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony


Recording in itself is a lot of important work, but producing a live stream during a live event is a much higher level of complexity.