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Pentucket Cafe Jazz December 2022

Jazz Combo
Big Band

Cool lighting, great color schemes, free food, and hip background jazz came to the Pentucket High School on Friday, December 16. The main cafeteria spot in the school was shifted from typical school lunch hall scenery to a flashy and illuminated room full of fancy tables and cool colors. Imagine indulging in some free food to the background sound of jazz!

Cafe Jazz is not the typical experience you would get from a school music concert, and it brings a different vibe and atmosphere of music that is more relaxed and whimsical. Students improvise freely over these classic jazz tunes as the crowd casually listens in, dining on their free food for the evening. The lights for this event are certainly different from ones in an auditorium, and their colors vary far more. A typical music concert in high school will have regular old auditorium lights that are often the same color, but Cafe Jazz has a diverse color scheme that uniquely changes each time the event occurs.

Source: First Cafe Jazz in the New Pentucket High School by Ben Drescher (

Poster Design: Julia Spalding (

These videos were published on January 18, 2023 on the Pentucket Music YouTube channel. (

View the videos on YouTube here: Jazz Combo ( & Big Band (

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